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Q1, 2018

A Few of our Family Fun Night Photos
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Our Sacred Stories
The Community of Christ recognizes the actions and effect of an ever-present, living God on and in our lives. We strive to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to perceive His hand moving in our midst, His voice calls us to go this way instead of that, and to have the faith to follow and do as He guides. We don’t always succeed but, when we do, the results can be awesome and we feel compelled to tell that story—OUR sacred story.  It's a story of how we were embraced by the Savior’s love and brought to a new place in our life with a new and deeper understanding of Him.
Read the  Sacred Stories presented below by several of our members.  The Lord of all has a plan and an important message for each of us. He walks with us every step of the way through our lives, as long as we let Him. It is our prayer that the Lord who touched the lives of each of these writers will reach you, the reader and touch your life as well, through their words.  Click on a photo to read that person's Sacred Story.
Deno Berlongeiri: "My Testimony"
Ron G. Wood: "Called to be Prophetic in a Non-Prophetic World"
Josh Martin:  
"The Lost is Found"​​
Jon Ralston:   "Hope Always Wins"
Phyllis Robb Wood
"My Baptism, My Story"
Gladys Davis:
"Praise Him In the Valleys as Well as on the Mountaintops"
Twyla Wheeler:
"My Spiritual Story"
Earl Barnes:
"God Does Not Abandon"