Tampa Community of Christ
All Are Welcome
"We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote
communities of joy, hope, love and peace."
Ordination Service
Worship Team
Welcome to Tampa Community of Christ
Here, you’ll find a loving, compassionate group of people who have—to the person—experienced the love, acceptance and forgiveness
of our Heavenly Father. We are anxious to share that message with all who are seeking a sense of wholeness, worth and a restored soul.  To that end we proclaim that THERE IS A PLACE AT THE TABLE FOR ALL who seek to meet the Lord Jesus or to deepen their relationship with Him.

We are challenged to lift up our eyes and look beyond the horizon, to the places where God is calling us.
It’s an exciting journey and we invite you to be a companion on that journey.
We Are Christ-Followers
God has much good in store for the world and for you.   When we know Jesus as our savior, we draw closer to Him, closer to each other, and closer to becoming the "us" we're created to be.

While a smooth ride is never promised and even the most faithful will suffer the trials of the world, Christ-followers have a ray of hope that carries them through the murkiest waters and over the roughest roads.

Read some of Our Sacred Stories on the Photos and Resources page to see how God has led and blessed.
Bible Based
  We focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ and His call to be friends, family and a community where all are welcome. 

We are simply folks who strive to do right, realize that we need to repent, but know that our Saviour  accepts us "anyway."

Come and visit.
Come as you are.

Room at the Table
  We strive to be peacemakers in the world and to reveal the Face of God
to those we meet.  We strive to be
the Body of Christ, following His
lead to accomplish His work.

Join us at any Sunday Service

  Early Focus Worship,  9:30 AM
  Christian Education Classes.  9:45 AM
Preaching Service 11:00 AM

We also have multiple special services and gatherings throughout the year.  Check the Events page or find us on Facebook for notification and details.

Who We Are (Video)

  1. Pastor Jon Ralston
    Pastor Jon Ralston
    Pastor Jon lives with his wife and family in nearby Land O' Lakes. His family has a long history in the Community of Christ, going back through many generations of faithful membership and service. He is part of a dynamic group of ministers who serve as our Pastoral Team:
Don Dugger of New Port Richey,  Eric Pendleton of Tampa,  June Ramsey of Odessa  and  Tom Roberts of New Tampa
  1. Spiritual Awakening
    Feb 4
    Join us at 9:30 AM for an hour of focused spiritual preparation for worship, for service and for the faith to follow.
  2. Ordination Service
    Feb 11
    Teresa Barnes will be ordained to the office of Priest at this special 11:00 AM worship service.
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